Matthew Lee

Business Management Services Assistant Manager

(818) 547-5701 x379

Matthew Lee helps Mary Jo lead the BMS team as an Assistant Manager. He has been working in public accounting since 2016, when he graduated from the University of California Riverside with a bachelors in Administrative Economics and a focus in Financial Accounting. He has an extensive history working in business taxation, accounting and finance.

Matthew also has experience working as a private equity consultant and managed numerous portfolio investments from varying industries such as cryptocurrency, NFTs, construction, retail, etc. Additionally, Matthew has also been contracted as the accounting manager for a large, non-profit wildlife trust for several years, providing him a deep understanding on non-profit accounting.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys serving in leadership roles. He managed a youth group at his ministry throughout his early 20s and is also an instructor at his Tae Kwon Do studio where he has a 2nd degree black belt and several medals from poomse (martial arts forms) competitions. His motto is “With enough cold brew coffee anything is possible!”