Let us Audition for the Role of Your Trusted Advisor

We understand creative professionals, studios and production companies need special handling. Having worked with individuals and companies in the entertainment industry for many years, we are aware of the focus required to attain success in “the business.”

We created our entertainment division to help performers, creative artists, producers and promoters reach their goals. Our collaborative approach means that all of your financial needs are handled by experienced pros. And of course, your privacy is respected and protected in every way.

In addition to our traditional accounting, assurance, estate, and financial planning work, we provide several services specifically for clients in the entertainment industry.

Business Management Services

While you’re busy building your career, let The Accountancy manage your financial life. We can handle everything from your banking and payroll needs to assisting with property purchases and return on investment analysis.

Intellectual Property + Royalties

Our team can assist with royalty tracking and rate analysis, licensing, intellectual property valuation, and copyright matters.

Loan-Out Corporations

Established for the purpose of providing the professional services to a third party, a loan-out company can provide substantial tax benefits for entertainers. We can help you determine which type of entity is right for you, and also assist with employment agreements and contracts.

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