Real Estate

Real Estate is the Land of Opportunity

With enormous opportunities, there are also great risks. The real estate sector is especially complicated and ever changing. Working with our team at The Accountancy, real estate clients know they’re getting specialized industry knowledge and a degree of attentiveness they won’t find elsewhere.

Our real estate clients come to us for traditional accounting services, assurance, and financial planning. Our service to them has made us specialists in the industry, which has its own accounting rules and methods.

1031 Exchanges

Also known as like-kind exchanges, these tax strategies allow you to sell business or investment property, invest the proceeds in a new property, and defer capital gain taxes. This powerful strategy must meet certain criteria and rules. The Accountancy can advise you on how to make 1031 exchanges work for you.

Cost Segregation Studies

In a cost segregation study, we examine your commercial properties to determine if any part of the property or improvements can be reclassified from a 39-year or 27.5-year depreciation schedule to a 5-, 7-, or 15-year depreciation schedule. Accelerated depreciation translates into significant tax benefits and savings for property owners.

Tax Credit Consulting

Energy efficiency tax credits can make an enormous difference in your tax bill. Let us advise you on the many federal, state and local tax credits and deductions available to real estate and construction companies that invest in lighting, building envelope, heating and cooling systems that meet certain criteria.

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