What is it like working at
The Accountancy?

Clients respect us for our technical proficiency and credentials, but they stay with us because of trust. Most of our work requires a human touch. Software can help with the details, but it takes skilled professionals to connect with clients and really fathom their needs and dreams.

For that reason, we believe that our greatest asset is a fulfilled, happy, and engaged staff. The right size and the right culture ensures you will progress to your highest and best use. You’ll see it all with us. You won’t get pigeon-holed, like you might elsewhere. We will encourage client responsibility as soon as you are ready and nurture the soft skills you need to be a well-rounded professional.


The Accountancy offers very competitive salary and benefits. We cover 100% of all premiums for health and dental insurance, as well as life insurance. We offer health savings accounts, 401(k) savings plans, and, of course, paid vacations.

Some firms offer bonuses for new certifications. We give salary increases for them. We also reimburse study expenses and exam fees for the CPA and EA exams, as well as additional certifications that may be of value to you and the firm as you broaden your skills. We value education and all forms of professional development. We provide in-house CPE, and cover the cost of conference attendance, license renewal and professional membership dues.

Lastly, we offer a benefit that is invaluable: work/life balance. Compared to many other accounting firms, our billable hour targets are very reasonable, and allow for you to have a life outside the office.

Company Culture

We strive to foster and maintain a culture of inclusion. Members of our staff come from 17 countries and speak 13 languages. Our clientele is even more diverse.

Most of all, we strive to innovate. Innovation is the engine of our vision. To thrive in our culture, it also means understanding both our clients’ financial matters and their emotions around money. To do that, we need talented professionals with genuine curiosity and high emotional intelligence.

We are not for everyone. It’s a challenge, and those we hire are up to it. We want our team to aspire to be the best. We let you be you. We offer structured freedom where you can plug into a proven support network of caring professionals that want you to succeed.

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