Nonprofit Organizations

We Make it our Mission to Achieve Yours

When your passion intersects with clarity of purpose, the world benefits. Whether its about the arts, healthcare, education, or the homeless, The Accountancy can help you achieve your mission.

Our firm has a solid tradition of service in the non-profit space, both as volunteers and consultants. With this insider view, we are especially aware of the financial, accounting and governance challenges faced by nonprofit management and boards.

If your organization is just starting out, The Accountancy can help with everything from entity formation and application for tax-exempt status to strategic planning, mission statement development, and business planning. For more established nonprofits, we also offer essential services including compliance, board development, and fundraising advice.

In addition to our traditional accounting and advisory services, we also offer several specific services for nonprofit organizations

Form 990s

Proper filing of this return is crucial to a nonprofit’s existence. It not only proves to the IRS that you are running your organization in a manner consistent with the law, it also forms the basis of public information used by potential donors. This tax return has gained significant complexity in recent years and should not be taken for granted.

Board Development + Governance

Your board can make or break your organization. In addition to helping you identify new board member qualifications and developing their skills, we can also assist with board retreats, board education and fund accounting.

Advisory Services

Nonprofits are complicated entities. They are often underfunded and understaffed, and lack formal policies and procedures. The Accountancy can steer your organization in the right direction by advising you on compensation policies, internal controls, D+O liability, fundraising and more topics that support your ability to fulfill your mission.

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