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Innovative tax reduction starts with planning.

While we prepare tax returns, we don’t think of ourselves as tax preparers. Rather, we consider ourselves to be tax advisors. Our clients know that their tax liabilities can be significantly impacted with innovative tax planning, and yours can too.

With an in-depth look at your tax situation, we go behind the numbers to find opportunities for savings and seek every way possible to reduce your tax burden to its absolute minimum. For business owners, we also suggest tax credits and other tax-savings programs that can make your business more profitable and efficient.


Tax and financial planning requires close collaboration and that, in turn, requires trust. We aim to earn that trust every day.


Our firm’s experience goes back to the 1940s. We’ve seen it all, but we still innovate to maintain relevance in handling your challenges.


Financial planning and tax advice belong together. Each affects the other. That’s why we partnered with Bridge Advisory. Your team will include a full complement of professionals to help you be successful.

Looking at the big picture is imperative.

Because The Accountancy works in a collaborative model, your tax situation is seamlessly integrated into other services we provide, such as retirement, succession and estate planning.

Helpful, smart and up-to-the-minute on the intricacies of the tax code, our tax advisors bring a breadth of experience to your tax planning and preparation. In fact, the more complex your situation, the more innovative we can be.

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