Advisory Services

As your trusted advisors, we are engaged and connected with your financial life.

When it comes to making informed decisions about important personal and professional choices such as estate and succession planning, there’s no one better suited than your team at The Accountancy. In addition, we are a valuable resource for wealth management, valuation services and business support.

When you work with The Accountancy, you benefit from the expertise of our entire team. If you have a question, call us first. We’re confident that the professionals at our firm can help you find the information you’re seeking.

Our collaborative approach means that you enjoy input from experts in such advisory services as:

Financial Planning

Retirement planning, estate planning, charitable planning, tax planning. All of these endeavors are inextricably linked. Because we are aware of our clients’ financial big picture, we are able to guide decisions that work well in all of these realms. Note that we are not investment experts at The Accountancy, but in our model of collaborative advice, if you are looking for investment and wealth management services, we are happy to connect you with our partner affiliates and strategic allies at Bridge Advisory.

Succession Planning

It’s often difficult to imagine your company without you. But a good succession plan lets owners get the most from the business they’ve worked so hard to build. We’ve helped countless clients determine their next steps in terms of company ownership and management. Our team can suggest options and facilitate a tax-friendly, seamless transfer to partners, employees, and family members or outside buyers.

Family + Privately Held Business Services

We understand the challenges of running a privately held business because The Accountancy is a privately held business. We recognize that financial, estate and succession planning is heightened when family members are involved. Our skilled advisors can provide direction and share best practices based on years of experience serving other, similar companies.

Internal Financial Statement Preparation

An audit is the highest level of financial statement service. While privately held companies are not legally required to have audited financial statements, some lenders require audited financial statements in their loan covenants, or there may be other reasons why you may need audited financials.

To perform an audit, the CPA follows a rigorous process to observe, test and confirm that the company’s financial statements are free from material misstatement and conform with Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).


Litigation Support

Expert witness testimony, fraud examination, forensic evaluations, and calculations of damages are just a few of the litigation support services The Accountancy provides. Clients and their attorneys know that our impeccable reputation adds credibility to our findings.


If you’re buying or selling a business, or need a valuation in the context of a divorce, shareholder dispute, buy-sell agreement, estate plan or tax matter, count on us for an objective, defensible opinion. Our credentialed, experienced valuation team will work with you to determine the level of valuation service that is appropriate for your circumstances, and which valuation methodologies best suit your needs.

IT Consulting

We can help you configure your entire financial function, design your accounting or inventory management system or assist in structuring the right chart of accounts for your bookkeeping software. Our affiliation with Datastream offers clients IT support and management, voice and broadband communications, cloud computing and data backup.

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