Checking up on the Health of Your Practice

Preventive medicine is always best. It is imperative that you put your financial well-being in the hands of experienced CPAs and business advisors who respect your needs and have your best interests at heart. Whether you are an individual or group practitioner, or own a surgical, imaging, urgent care, nursing or independent living center or work for a hospital, The Accountancy can help you run a more efficient business. We can take care of the numbers, so you can take care of your clients.

In addition to our traditional accounting, assurance, estate and financial planning, and other advisory services, we provide several specific services for those in the healthcare industry.

Tax Reduction Consulting

The Accountancy can save you money by employing innovative strategies to reduce your tax burden to the lowest level possible.

Practice Management Consulting

Our input can help you streamline your billing and accounts receivable, assess staffing and compensation models, run the numbers for large equipment or property purchases, and provide overall advice about improving the management of your practice.

Financial Planning

There are many ways we can help you promote financial success, including buy-sell agreements, retirement and succession planning, and business valuation.

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