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I received the Smart Vault Invitation Link, what should I do next?

You would need to register and create an account. Your username is the email address we used to send you the invite.  You must create a password to access your Smart Vault folders. Remember to create a 12 digit password with a combination of upper/lowercase letters, a number and a symbol.

I already have an account but I forgot my password.

You may reset your password by clicking on the forgot password button.

I don’t remember the website, where do I go to access my Smart Vault folders?

You may visit : https://my.smartvault.com/secure/SignIn.aspx?ReturnUrl=%2fusers%2fsecure%2fHome.aspx

Have your username and password ready.

How will I navigate through the webpage once logged in?

Once logged in, you will see your name and Public Documents. Click on your name and you will be directed to a page where it says Tax. Click on the Tax Folder and it will show you all the years available for you to view. Choose the TY file you want to see and click on it and another set of folders will be available for you to view.

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How do I upload files to Smart Vault?

From the main page, click on your name and then click on the Tax Folder. From the Tax Folder you will see the Upload File Button on the left hand side of the page before the list of all the Tax Year Folders. Click on the upload file button and a small box will pop out that will allow you to either drag your files to the box or browse for the files you are to upload from your computer. Once the files are visible in the box, choose to send email notification.

How do I download files from Smart Vault?

Locate the Tax Year Folder you want to download from. The folder will list all pdf files available for download. Click the file name and it will open a preview page with the option to download the file.

I no longer have access to my old email address how do I change my registered email to a new one?

If you no longer have access to your old email, please let us know so we can update your access to SmartVault as we are the only ones who can update your information.

Can I add another user to Smart Vault?

Yes, but you would need to notify us because we’ll need to send an invitation out to the new user.

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The file is locked and I am not given the option to lock it myself so my changes will be incorporated. What could be happening?

  1. The file is on custom sync and we need to buy 30 days of access.
    • How do I buy 30 days of access?
  2. The file is on regular sync, but someone is currently using it.
    • How can I tell who is using it?
      • The pop-up tells you that someone else has the lock and your changes will not be saved. Check if the client is on auto-syn or manual sync undersettings. Ask them to change to auto-
        sync. This will remove the extra step and assures that the file will sync when closed.

Client indicates that the file is locked by our firm but we are not in the file.

  1. Have firm member open file and close again to re-sync.
  2.  Internet service may have been interrupted and the sync did not complete.

My QB file shows the symbol under sync. What is happening?

  1. An error occurred during the last sync.
    • Hit the refresh button located in the upper right hand corner of the Qbox.
    • Try to identify the last changes made on either side and make them again.