Why Us?

The Accountancy is here to provide fresh ideas and insights to help you reach your goals. Whether you are interested in growing your business, lowering your tax liability, or securing your family’s wealth, The Accountancy’s team of innovative thinkers is here to help.

When people think about accounting, innovation isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. But it should be. Like every other discipline in the digital age, accounting is changing fast these days, and The Accountancy is at the forefront. Our partnership with Bridge Advisory, means we can protect and foster your assets with one comprehensive plan.

U.S. tax policy gets more complex every year, and the number of investment products balloons by the month. And each affects the other.

Buying a REIT or a master limited partnership without knowing the tax implications, for example, can shrink your profit, or leave you with a loss. Consider the form K-1 that goes to partnership investors. It’s often complicated, and it almost always arrives late. But the information is crucial to both your tax strategy and your investment plan.

We believe that collaboration is the solution. In accounting, and all professional services, that’s an innovative idea. Many firms just don’t play well together. The Accountancy and Bridge do. Your team will include at least one member from each firm to tackle all the K-1s and much more. Together, they will listen to your story, and figure out how to write a new chapter, one in which you and your family thrive and prosper.

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Mission Statement

The Accountancy exists to understand and serve our clients as Trusted Advisors in their business and personal pursuits. We will lead, guide, or stand by their side, as we provide forward thinking for their financial future.

Vision Statement

To have a positive impact in the lives of the people we serve.


Respect, Community, Integrity, Innovation, Trust


At the Accountancy, our work starts with questions, and we ask a lot of them. We listen intently to your answers so we are clear about your priorities and needs.


We work as a team, and when you hire The Accountancy, you get all of us. Our entire firm is on your side, every day. Collaboration reveals opportunity. It’s the wisdom of crowds. Our crowd, and you.

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We want to know you and work with you for years to come. Therefore, our team is interested in your long-term financial health and helping you to leave a legacy for your family and community. The Accountancy can help you navigate difficult transitions throughout all stages in life.


We speak your language, literally. At the Accountancy, we are fluent in 15 different languages. Our team members come from many different cultural backgrounds, and our clients do, too. We embrace these differences and appreciate how they enrich our lives.


Do you need a first-rate tax professional or a savvy estate planner? Perhaps you need an accomplished forensic accountant or a Top 100 QuickBooks ProAdvisor? They all work at The Accountancy and we are confident that we can provide the experience and innovation your circumstances demand and deserve.